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Central Arizona Animal Rescue

The Central Arizona Animal Rescue (CAAR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the general welfare, sheltering and placement of animals; prevention of cruelty to animals and overpopulation; education concerning humane treatment of animals; and involvement in other animal welfare issues.

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CAAR also accepts cash donations.

Why are cash donations important?

Although we have an Amazon Wishlist, it is just a snapshot of the things the rescue needs. It is difficult to make a list because what we need is so specific and time dependent. For example, we need vaccines and they need to be the right ones when we need them. Vaccines have an expiration date so having more then we need and then they sit around and before we can use them, they expire and can't be used.  People want to buy us dog food which is great but if they buy it, it might cost $60 a bag which will last us about a day.  We can go to the doggie food bank and get a whole pallet for $60 and that will last us a month.  Because we have the resources to get supplies and the different things at a discount, the money would go further by sending it directly to the rescue.  We appreciate any and all donations, but we'd love to see your money be put to use the best way it can.


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